Preparing For Your Colonoscopy

As we get older we are going to be in need for general health checkups.  These checkups are designed to spot and circumvent common health issues we may begin to experience as we get older.  One of the main checks that we need to look out for is a colonoscopy. 

colonoscopy in Mount Pleasant

For many people, going in for a colonoscopy in Mount Pleasant isn’t a really welcomed event.  However, once completed, you won’t have to go back in for several years.  The process for getting a colonoscopy is pretty straightforward.  You will first need to prep yourself and then once prepared go in for the procedure.

The colon is where we expel the waste we generate in our bodies.  Since this waste can build up in our bodies it is important that we clean it out and get it checked.  To do this we are given a laxative solution that we drink for a few days before our procedure.  This will allow us to clean out our bowels and ensure our colon is clean.

On the day of our procedure we will go in and be seen by the doctor.  The doctor will then use a camera to see into our colon.  In this process if he sees anything that is out of the ordinary, they can take a picture or get a sample for a biopsy.  If it is something that they can take care of then, they can use a laser to remove it.

If this procedure is not performed the odds of getting cancer or other illnesses increases.  This is why at age forty or fifty you start going into your doctors to have this procedure done.  After about an hour or so you will have your results and can return to your normal day to day activities.

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Do You Need a Bone Density Test?

A bone density test measures the amount of calcium and minerals in a segment of bone. The segment usually is the spine and hips. Doctors can identify decreases in bone mineral density which helps determine your risk of fractures, osteoporosis, and other conditions.

Most people will not need a bone density scan in Vernon until later in age. As you age, the risk of developing osteoporosis also increases because bone density does this as we age. Women over 65 should schedule a bone density test with their doctor.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force does not recommend bone density scanning for men because they have higher bone mass and lose bone more slowly than women and are at a decreased risk of a fracture. Men 70 and older, however, should receive the scan, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Other situations in which it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with the doctor for a bone density scan include:

·    People who take drugs that interfere with the body’s natural bone building process, including prednisone and immunosuppressant drugs.

bone density scan in Vernon

·    People over age 50 who have broken at least one bone and have lost 1.5″ of height.

·    To ease your mind.

To help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone health concerns, make sure you eat a healthy diet, including proper amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Stop smoking if you have this habit, as smoking can decrease bone mass. You should also lower alcohol consumption because it can make calcium absorption more difficult.

Talk to your doctor to learn more about the bone density scan and to learn if it is something that you need to stay healthy. It is better to be sure than to worry and wonder and this scan makes that more than possible.

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6 Big Reasons to Schedule a Massage Now!

Today is the perfect day to schedule a massage and we have six good reasons why that statement is true. If you are sitting around bored, head on out to the table. Otherwise, make that appointment as soon as you can! Do not make more excuses and find the very best massage near me Fort Worth TX as soon as possible. The top six reasons to schedule a massage:

1.  After a massage, you will feel less stress and anxiety. In turn, this allows you to sleep better at night. You will wake up feeling renewed and refreshed and without the same frustrations concerning you.

2.  The cost of a massage is very reasonable. There are several massage choices to pick from as well, allowing you to get the level of comfort that suits you perfectly.

massage near me Fort Worth TX

3.  Massages make it easy to relieve body aches and pains. We all feel some pain now and again. It is worse for some people than for others. After a massage, that is one less worry.

4.  A massage feels great. The very second a massage therapist puts their hands on your body is the second you melt into a new world of serenity and peace. It is a blissful place to be.

5.  Want to spice up your relationship? There are many ways to do that including with a couples massage. This massage heats up things in the bedroom and provides you both with more energy to get it on.

6.  There are tons of health benefits offered to those who get a massage. If you experience headaches, say goodbye once and for all after a massage. You can also boost your immunity with a massage, but those benefits only begin to list the many perks you can expect.

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What a Handyman Does for Living

Yes, you are quite entitled to issue a chuckle at times. As a consumer approaching the matter of work done today by a handyman in altamonte springs fl you are afforded that right, howbeit that it might be ironic. Ironic in the sense that perhaps you have wondered to yourself; What if I could do these jobs myself. Because on the very surface, it does look rather simple to do and complete. But if only it were that simple.

handyman in altamonte springs fl

And it is at this point that you may wish to laugh once more. Because that is just the thing. Upon interrogating what the handyman does for a living at this point in time, you align his (today) typical tasks with your very own living. Yes, that is quite right folks. You too have to make a living. And even if you were the most consummate multi-tasker around the place and quick to grasp on new things never tried before.

You do not always have the time. In fact, some of you might not even wish to laugh at this point in time by simply lamenting the fact that; you simply do not have the time. The time of day. At all. And to make matters worse – for some who simply do not want to stop panicking, especially since there is no need to – time is money. Not to worry about the money. Nor the time. Because this is a handyman who will – or should – most certainly charge you a fair price.

For an honest day’s work which will not necessarily amount to hard labor. Handyman tasks might be becoming a tad more complex here and there but they will still be completed with a flourish. That’s because there is efficiency behind the purpose.

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How To Best Care For The Elderly

When someone is your family starts to show signs of age and they are no longer able to do what they were able to in the past, it is time to have a family conversation of what to do next.  For many people, this can be a very hard conversation to have, but avoiding it can result in the decision being made for you.  This is why, assisted living facilities in Draper UT can talk to you about options and help you all make the best decisions possible.

assisted living facilities in Draper UT


Talking is key to understanding the wishes of the elderly.  Just because our lives are hectic and we may not be able to do everything that we want to do, doesn’t mean we just pick the simplest solution.  We need to talk to everyone and understand options before making a decision.

Continue to interact with them

When they get older don’t leave them alone.  What is meant by this is visit them, treat them like you have all your life.  When we continue to interact with them, keep them as a part of the family it will be much easier to integrate our lives into their situation than it is to integrate their situation into our lives.

Research and review

Before deciding on a specific facility you want to research everything and keep up with a monthly review.  You want to do surprise inspections and well as wellness visits.  When this process starts it isn’t a one and done situation.  You will need to be active in everything to ensure that everything is done.

Take advantage of the time

You want to take advantage of the time that is left.  Don’t think that it is the end but rather a new beginning.  When we get older it is a time to celebrate all of our accomplishments in life as well as ensure that any accomplishment not yet met is fulfilled.

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