This short online note is for all those of you who have not been to the dentist for quite a while. That is putting it mildly. The reasons for getting hooked up with a good family-oriented dental practice like the All Smiles Dentistry in Lake Jackson, TX are quite succinct enough. Or should this be a case of stating the obvious because really now; at this age surely you would have known better. But so it goes. Most serious reason for getting yourself to the good dentist as soon as possible?

Well, to ward off the potential for long-term damage and disease that could potentially lead to a premature death perhaps. And it remains the case that whatever goes into your mouth could cause terminal damage if you’re not watching what you’re eating. But a dental technologist working in partnership with family practices just mentioned could be the first to remind you that certain foodstuffs and liquids are not the only things that should not enter the mouth.

As in the case of one of the worst ever and most dangerous habits of all time. Smoking. Smoking kills. Never mind what it does to the human body’s lungs, the residue left behind from smoking literally eats away at the oral and dental structures’ cavities. The previously white teeth are ruined and chipped away. Of course, this type of damage sets in a whole lot quicker if the practitioner of poor and unhealthy bad habits is not taking proper and good care of his teeth and dental structures.

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Good brushing, good flossing, and property eating habits, minus the smoking habit, all good and well by now, but over time it may amount to nothing if you do not check in for your regular dental appointments.