As we get older we are going to be in need for general health checkups.  These checkups are designed to spot and circumvent common health issues we may begin to experience as we get older.  One of the main checks that we need to look out for is a colonoscopy. 

colonoscopy in Mount Pleasant

For many people, going in for a colonoscopy in Mount Pleasant isn’t a really welcomed event.  However, once completed, you won’t have to go back in for several years.  The process for getting a colonoscopy is pretty straightforward.  You will first need to prep yourself and then once prepared go in for the procedure.

The colon is where we expel the waste we generate in our bodies.  Since this waste can build up in our bodies it is important that we clean it out and get it checked.  To do this we are given a laxative solution that we drink for a few days before our procedure.  This will allow us to clean out our bowels and ensure our colon is clean.

On the day of our procedure we will go in and be seen by the doctor.  The doctor will then use a camera to see into our colon.  In this process if he sees anything that is out of the ordinary, they can take a picture or get a sample for a biopsy.  If it is something that they can take care of then, they can use a laser to remove it.

If this procedure is not performed the odds of getting cancer or other illnesses increases.  This is why at age forty or fifty you start going into your doctors to have this procedure done.  After about an hour or so you will have your results and can return to your normal day to day activities.